Featured Candle: Hawaiian Paradise

Posted by Phillip Brown on

It's summer time and the livin' is easy, especially when your home smells like a vacation in the tropical paradise of Hawaii! I love to light this candle while enjoying a bubble bath. I close my eyes and imagine myself laying on the beach with the sun warming my skin into a perfect  tan. A beautiful, golden-haired man serves me fruity beverages on a tray...meanwhile, the kids have decided to use fingernail polish to paint the cat "shake your moneymaker" green. Sigh.

Seriously though, if you are a fruity tropical scent lover- this is the candle for you. This is one of our most frequently purchased candles online and at festivals in the Summer time.  It has never gotten a negative review.

Next time you are looking for a vacation on your couch, try the Hawaiian Paradise candle.



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