FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What size are your candles?

We use 8 oz hexagon jars with gold lids.  They are 4" tall and 3.5" wide at the widest point.

Why do you only offer one size candle?

One day, our business may expand out of our home, but currently space is very tight.  As a result, we can only offer one size.

What is "Blended Soy" Wax?

Typical soy wax does not hold fragrance or color particularly well.  Fragrance throw is often weak and  there are additional cosmetic issues such as frosting and cauliflower tops.  Our wax is not pure soy.  It is a blend of soy and other waxes (including some paraffin).  The result is candles with great fragrance throw, minimal frosting and smooth tops.

After a few hours, I noticed that the wick on my candle had leaned over and was no longer in the center.  What's up?

Most commercial candle manufacturers use wicks with a thin zinc wire that runs through the center of the wick.  The wire serves to keep the wick straight and it burns away with the wick.  We do not believe that burning metal in your home is good for you, so we use metal-free coreless wicks.  If the melt pool becomes too deep, the wick (basically a string) may lean to one side and start smoking.  This is easily fixed!  Blow out the candle and use a toothpick to re-center the wick.  Once the wax cools, your candle will be as good as new!

The wax in my wax melts wants to stick in the plastic clamshell.  What can I do?

We use a soft wax with a low melt temperature.  It tends to release more of the fragrance during use.  While refrigeration is not necessary, it may help to put the melts in the refrigerator for a while to harden up the wax so it's easier to pop out of the shell.

How can I contact Just Makes Scents about an issue?

  • Use our "Contact Us" page to send us an email
  • Send email directly to "CustomerService@JustMakesScentsCandles.com
  • Postal Mail:
Just Makes Scents Candles & Gifts LLC
322 Kelly Lane
Lexington, NC 27295