Our Story

Debbi loves candles.  She has had them burning in our house for years.  It was finally suggested that she should take up making candles and "Just Makes Scents" was born in our kitchen in February 2013.  We have since moved the candle making to the basement, but we pour each one by hand.
We made a lot of mistakes starting out and have learned a lot about making candles.  Phil is a Quality Engineer, so we soon started running tests in our kitchen to determine the best wax, wick, fragrance load, etc.  We went through a lot of candles, but we've developed a system/recipe/process for making highly fragrant candles that don't smoke up the room.
Some advertise that soy candles will not smoke.  Not true.  That was one of our first lessons.  A candle with too much fragrance oil or the wrong wick will smoke, not matter what the wax.  I am always skeptical of people that advertise "triple scented" candles.
We would love for you to try one of our candles.  Each is mixed and poured by hand in our home.  Debbi makes candles and Phil makes labels.  We can even make custom labels for your special occasions (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, mother's day, graduations, etc)