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Welcome to our new website. If you have been a Just Makes Scents fan for a while, thanks for sticking with us. If you are brand new, welcome! We are so happy to have you on board.


We have worked very hard to make everything on our website easy to use and easy to find. As you may know, our website used to be "www.IJustMakeScents.com". However, over time, we found that customers had a hard time finding us when they were searching "Just Makes Scents". Ultimately, we decided to create a new website, not only to clear up this confusion, but so that we could also add ONLINE SHOPPING (!!) to our website! We are so excited to introduce this feature to you.


As you are browsing around, please let us know if you have any recommendations for improvement. We love feedback and want to know what our customers have to say. We hope you find something that will interest you.


- Emily



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